Sex scandal rocks sleepy town – Right wing religious cover up – Reflection of The Times

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

ROT Reporter/additional reporting The Evening Herod – Nazareth – 25 March 12:00

A sex scandal has rocked a normally sleepy town in the South Eastern part of the Union.  The town of Nazareth, one of a number noted for extreme religiousity, awoke today to find itself embroiled in what is increasingly looking like the latest abuse storm to hit the area known locally as Galilee.

A 14 year old girl lies at the centre of the scandal which is said to involve well respected figures in the local Church. The girl who is due to be married to a much older man from the town later this year was found to be pregnant under suspicious circumstances.

A spokesperson for the international peace keeping community stationed outside Nazareth has dismissed as groundless accusations that any of its employees might have been involved. The community which carries out essential upgrades to local infrastructures such as roads, is generally well respected in the area.

But evidence of a cover up involving the girl’s fiancée is now coming to light. The man, Joseph, a carpenter from the Region, who is known for his extreme religious beliefs, tried to hide the details of the pregnancy, it has emerged. When the attempted cover-up was uncovered,  he refused to make any comment to the media.

The pregnancy of a 14 year old girl has once again inevitably raised the issue of the lack of easy availabilty of abortion in the region. According to a spokesperson for Planned Population, the imposition of strict religious values in this area creates extreme and unacceptable hardships for women in general, and young girls in particular. “The considerable religious stigma of being unmarried and pregnant which still obtains in this part of the world, without having recourse to abortion, is a scandalous form of discrimination against women”,  she said. “It is also a  strain on the area’s resources as  population fueled poverty is now reaching epidemic levels. Usually when something like this happens, the girl is taken into the care of the local health services who arrange for a quick and easy abortion as the girl is not in a position to make a decision (or FIAT) for herself.”


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