Irish Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and the UN Human Rights Committee

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

A similar bias to that displayed by the Human Rights Committee, with respect to religion and education, (see David Quinn, Irish Independent – Oct 7) is, also, more than apparent in the Irish Human Rights Commission (IHRC).

In fact, at its launch, last May, of  ‘Religion and Education: A Human Rights Perspective‘, the IHRC used this month’s then upcoming UN review of our human rights record, to pile pressure on the Government to “change” if it hoped to “escape a rebuke” by the UN! (see Irish Independent, May 25) Perish the thought! Of course!

One of the areas needing change, we were told, then, (and the Commission discussed this at some length) was  “inadvertent indoctrination or proselytism” by Catholic schools of (even) Catholic children!

But, when the following very real concerns were raised by one woman, from the floor

  1. the ridicule of religious beliefs at Third Level and
  2. State indoctrination in the form of sex education at Second Level,

there was a discernible shudder of horror and disbelief in the hall: ‘how could someone dare to make such a preposterous ‘off message’ intervention!? Indeed, who let her in ??’

It was hard not to be left with the impression that the vast majority of the attendees at Wood Quay, that day, viewed the Commission as some sort of private club to be used solely as a means of advancing an esoteric anti-religious ideology.



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