Questioning the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Uncategorized


The Family and Media Association welcomes the decision of the Government to order an inquiry into the Prime Time Investigates programme, Mission to Prey, which defamed Fr Kevin Reynolds. However, the choice of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland to carry out this investigation raises some concerns.

The BAI’s track record leaves much to be desired regarding its ability to identify broadcasts which are offensive, unfair and harmful to Catholics.

As recently as May of this year, its compliance Committee failed to uphold a complaint against Today FM, for a broadcast which, in FMA’s view, was clearly biased and unfair, and may even have been an incitement to hatred.

Had a similar attack been made on those of a different religious faith, such an attack would, quite rightly, not have been tolerated.

The presence of an elementary grammatical error in the BAI’s written response, did little to inspire confidence in its poorly argued judgement.

As pointed out by Senator Rónán Mullen, “there could be some kind of institutional bias against clergy in particular arising out of scandals and so on”. If such an institutional bias does indeed exist, the BAI, itself, may not be immune from its effects.


  1. Mrs. Rene O'Riordan says:

    This is so serious. This cuts right at the heart of democracy. Is this a war or what “the first victim of war is the truth”. Perhaps it is – Rene

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