The aims of the Family and Media Association are:

1…  To promote greater understanding and appreciation of Christian values in the media with particular reference to Catholic teachings.

2…  To promote public understanding of the functioning and power of the media and in so doing to foster high standards of honesty, decency, fairness, objectivity, impartiality and truthfulness.

  1. Mrs. Rene O'Riordan says:

    Thanks Donal for highlighting this dreadful injustice. By their own admission what RTE stated in their Prime Time program was a pack of lies. And to think I have to pay RTE to tell me lies!!! The vicious treatment of Fr Kevin Reynolds by RTE was appalling. In fact what the program should have been about was the self-sacrifice of this priest (and many others) to bring good to countries like Kenya. There are absolutely wonderful, wonderful stories about our missionary priests – Bishop Joseph Shanahan being one; his story was told by Desmond Forristal in “the Second Burial of Bishop Shanahan”. I think the judge in the case should have forced RTE to do a true story on the heroic work of this priest. Perhaps it’s time for a watch-dog group of journalists to get a crack at exposing the lies RTE propagates and RTE forced to air these exposés! – Again thanks for your wonderful work Donal – Blessings – Rene

  2. sean says:

    good site

    well done

    about time someone took on Irelands media barons

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