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Did the Minister read the Vatican’s Cloyne reponse?
Re: Minister stands firm on abuse plans – Irish Times – Tue Sep 20, 2011

‘I hate to say this but…’ DID THE MINISTER READ THE LETTER?

Did Minister Frances Fitzgerald read the Holy See’s response to the Tanaiste, Eamonn Gilmore, regarding the Murphy Commission’s Report into child sexual abuse in Cloyne?In this Irish Times report by Patsy McGarry, out today, the Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald is quoted as saying that the Vatican had “not been comparing like with like.” “I don’t think it was a valid comparison,” she said. “We are in a different place now” to 1996 “with over 10 years’ experience of the guidelines”. (

see paragraph 3)But, surely, the comparison that the Vatican made was between a 1997 letter from Archbishop Luciano Storero (linked to Cardinal Hoyos) and the 1996 position of the then Fine Gael and Labour Coalition Government?

In a disturbing echo of the Taoiseach’s Cloyne error, the Minister, clearly, appears to be under the illusion that the Vatican was referring to some imaginary ‘letter of intervention’ from perhaps “as little as 3 years ago”, to quote the Taoiseach.
Can it be that the Minister for Children takes the issue of the abuse of children so lightly that she did not actually read the Vatican Response to her Government? Sadly, there is a poor appetite in the Irish media for holding the Government accountable for  its  failings with respect to child abuse!…..                                                …                                    ….

The Minister is also quoted as saying she is “very struck” by indications of increased sexualised behaviour among children.

Her comments are far from being premature and an acknowledgement of the problem should inform several areas of Government policy, including that of broadcasting.

The Family and Media Association first raised this issue of the sexualization of children over 4 years ago, as did CARI, the organization which the Minister is quoted as referring to in the present article.

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